isuzu owner stories

 No hair and make-up, no fancy lighting, no scripts - Just Isuzu drivers telling it like it is... Watch the drivers full stories below:

St John Ambulance's D-Max Story

 The St John SERT (Special Emergency Response) team need a reliable ute that they can trust to get the job done.

Find out how the Isuzu D-Max gets St John to where they need to be to save lives. 

St John Owner Story

Guy Slater's latest owner story

You might remember Guy Slater, the Spud Farmer from Timaru.

 A third generation farmer, Guy Slater farms 600ha of wheat, barley and grass seed at the family farm in Geraldine and 500ha of potatoes in Ashburton. Their Geraldine farm is one of the few locally that hasn't been converted to dairy. Guy's father Rodger ran the farm before him and lives nearby. In Fact his house overlooks the Geraldine farm. He also drives and Isuzu D-Max - this is their story.

Guy recently upgraded his D-Max - find out what it is about his new ute that Guy is stoked with!

Guy Slater's New Ute

Poltech power works

From on-road to extreme off-road, and from suede boots to steel-toe-cap safety compliant boots... the Isuzu D-Max fleet of Poltech Power Works helps them get the job done. 

Poltech Power Works